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Altogether with all Democrats Councillors, we held a meeting with Financial Secretary to discuss details on Budget 2018 and raising the standpoint of various parties.


JMSC of HKU released "TRANSPARENCY Report 2018". Together with CUHK JMSC and Keyboard Frontline, we urge the necessity for government to review current Communications and Surveillance Ordinances, to ensure communication data of citizen are being well protected from interception and surveillance due to illegitimate reason.


😡 #DQNoMore! No more political screening in elections ! Stand out and to protest the disqualifications and return our rights to fair election ! 😡


Together with members of The Professionals Guild, we met with Financial Secretary and submitted our opinion summary in response to the consultation of The 2018/19 Budget


Arranged meeting altogether with ITB and e-Sports community, we raised our opinion to government regarding the support and facilitation needed for the industry.


Invited to the "Smart Airport" demonstration visit tour in HK Airport with Hon. Jeremy Tam & Alvin Yeung, with the exhibits of inspection equipment jointly developed by Authority and local start-ups.


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Hello, I am Charles Mok. Here you can explore my work in LegCo, latest publications and events.

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