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『創新及科技局』- IT人有話說 IT fellows speak up for an ITB


創新及科技局成立在即,IT界希望它能夠做到甚麽? 大學校長和學生又對未來資訊科技和創新有甚麽期望? 我們特地訪問了幾位IT界和學界的朋友,請大家聽聽他們的分享!
Our Innovation and Technology Bureau will soon be established, what do ICT friends envision it to accomplish? And what do University Wardens and students expect from it ? We talked to friends from the IT sector and the academia, here’s what they have to say.

English Transcript:

Tony F. CHAN, JP, President of HKUST:
Compared to other advanced countries, the percentage of our resources invested in
the IT industry in our GDP is the lowest; China is also increasing their investment in IT
industry, and they have stated clearly that Technological innovation is a core project
in its development. I think the most important thing is to send a message to
everyone in the eco system, from young people to entrepreneur to investors, so that
they know Hong Kong is moving forward and is determined in flourishing its IT
industry. There is no guaranteed success for the development, but you have to try,
otherwise Hong Kong will fall behind and face failure.

Barbara CHIU Cheuk-mun, Managing Director of Cisco Inc.(Hong Kong and Macau):
Smart City is a long term planning, Rome wasn’t built in one day. We need the
government to start with forming such policies and all departments work together in
this direction.

Michael Kin-man LEUNG, President of The Hong Kong Computer Society:
You can get real-time information at the bus stop about when will which bus be
arriving in exact, and there is no technical difficulty, but there is no government
department in Hong Kong working on making it happen.

Erwin HUANG, CEO of Weborganic:

In Seoul we have a CTO for the city, and city-wide wifi, network, internet usage, e-
textbooks, even methods of teaching and policies regarding poverty are involved,
there is a holistic arrangement in their IT development and usage. In Hong Kong we
do it bit by bit, spread in different spots without some coordination. IT is now under
the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau, and IT is not always related to
commerce. We need to corporate with other departments for our competitive edge,
it is much needed but we can’t do it now (without an ITB).

Horace CHOW, General Manager of Microsoft Hong Kong Limited:
We all know that in Hong Kong it is difficult to go forward in ICT application because
it is cross-department, and each department have their own difficulty and issues. If
we have an ITB to impact on how all the departments can work together, the effect
will be different. At least for me, Microsoft anticipates very much the establishment
of the ITB.

Yee-man SIT, HKUST Electronic Engineering undergraduate:
IT is very wide-spread now, and I see the establishment of ITB as a new chance and
challenge for us. If parents can see that the government takes the industry seriously,
they will also encourage their children to choose relevant majors.

Hin-kwan KWOK, HKUST Computer Engineering undergraduate:
I think it helps not just the technical industry; other industries like pure finance will
also need IT support. I hope that it can help accelerate development of the IT

Wing-hong CHAN, HKUST Technology Leadership and Entrepreneurship postgraduate:
I totally believe the ITB will help with driving the development of IT.

Charles Peter MOK, Legislative Councillor (IT):
We have the Information Technology and Broadcast Bureau in 1998-2002, and it is
during the time we have accomplished projects: the Innovation and Technology
Fund, Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks and Cyberport, or ordinances such as
the Electronic Transactions Ordinance. Commerce and Economic Development
Bureau is taking up too many tasks like SMEs, International Trade and Travel to take
care of IT. In Singapore we have the well-known IDA for execution, also a Ministry of
Communications and Information. In Korea we have the Ministry of Science, ICT and
Future Planning and in Taiwan they are reconstructing their Ministry of Science and
Technology. Our competitors are moving forward in their ICT development, we
cannot limit ourselves from development and have to catch up with an international trend,
we do need an ITB.

Office Of Hon. Charles Mok, Legislative Councillor (IT)