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Finance Committee to examine the Estimates of Expenditure 2015-16 – Administration’s replies to Members initial written questions

View replies from Commerce and Economic Development Bureau (Communications & Technology)
CEDB(CT)042:Establishment of the Innovation and Technology Bureau
CEDB(CT)043:Renewals of the domestic free television programme service licences
CEDB(CT)044:Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) services
CEDB(CT)045:Reviewing Broadcasting Ordinance with the Telecommunications Ordinance
CEDB(CT)046:“Customer Complaint Settlement Scheme” (CCSS)
CEDB(CT)047:Unsolicited Electronic Messages Ordinance (UEMO)
CEDB(CT)048:Releasing free online Government information in digital formats.
CEDB(CT)049:Provision of public information and gathering of public opinions by means of the Internet
CEDB(CT)050:Procurement of computer software and hardware by the Bureau
CEDB(CT)107:Enterprise Support Scheme (ESS)
CEDB(CT)108:The Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF) to the 6 designated universities.
CEDB(CT)109:Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF) to support the work of technology transfer offices (TTOs) of 6 universities
CEDB(CT)110:Research and Development (R&D) Cash Rebate Scheme (the Scheme)
CEDB(CT)111:Overall management of the Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF)
CEDB(CT)112:Corporate venture fund (CVF) of the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTPC)
CEDB(CT)148:Information Technology (IT) contract staff under term contracts (T-contracts)
CEDB(CT)149:new Government Data Centre Complex
CEDB(CT)150:Government procurement: Suppliers Community Portal (SCP)
CEDB(CT)151:Government procurement: the Standing Offer Agreement for Quality Professional Services (SOA-QPS)
CEDB(CT)152:Government Wi-Fi Programme (GovWiFi) services
CEDB(CT)153:2014 Digital 21 Strategy
CEDB(CT)154:Developing Hong Kong into a financial technology (fintech) hub
CEDB(CT)155:Facilitation of information and communications technology (ICT) manpower development
CEDB(CT)156:Enriched IT Programme in Secondary Schools
CEDB(CT)157:Implementation of the Sector-specific Programme
CEDB(CT)158:SME Cloud Promotion Campaign and SMEs and ITs Business Matching
CEDB(CT)159:Supporting tech startups in Hong Kong
CEDB(CT)160:The common branding of Wi-Fi.HK
CEDB(CT)161:Promoting network and information security
CEDB(CT)162:Promoting the Cyber Security Information Portal (
CEDB(CT)163:Releasing free online government information in digital formats
CEDB(CT)164:Facilitating the Government to release its data
CEDB(CT)208:Capital Works Reserve Fund Head 710 – Computerisation

View replies from Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau
CMAB071 :Improving protection of personal data privacy in the use of mobile applications (Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data)
CMAB072 :numbers of enquiries and complaints relating to the Police received / The recording and use of the personal data collected by the Police in major events
CMAB073 : Promotion of Code on Access to Information (the Code) / The total number of requests for information under the Code

View replies from Development Bureau (Planning and Lands)
DEVB(PL)134 :Enhancing and extending the Geospatial Information Hub service: the patronage of the GeoInfo Map and GeoMobile Map HK

View replies from Education Bureau
EDB173:The Fourth Strategy on Information Technology in Education
EDB174:Composite IT Grant allocated to all public sector schools
EDB175:The promotion of e-learning
EDB273:Provision for the Internet Learning Support Programme

View replies from Security Bureau
SB140:Third Generation of Major Incident Investigation and Disaster Support System
SB141:The establishment of the Cyber Security and Technology Crime Bureau (CSTCB)
SB142:The Force’s officers trained in internal security, crowd management and counter-terrorism techniques

View replies from Judiciary
JA016:Information Technology Strategy Plan of the Judiciary (“the Six-year Action Plan”)
JA017:Releasing free online government information in digital formats
JA018:Provision of public information and gathering of public opinions by means of the Internet
JA019:Procurement of computer software and hardware

View replies from Administration Wing
CSO034:Government Records Service:The Government’s electronic records management and guildlines of handling
CSO035:Commission on Poverty’s Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund Task Force
CSO036: Central Policy Unit (CPU)

View replies from Legislative Council Secretariat
LC012:Releasing free online government information in digital formats
LC013:Provision of public information and gathering of public opinions by means of the Internet
LC014: Procurement of computer software and hardware

View replies from Home Affairs Bureau
HAB243:Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) System Project of public libraries

Office Of Hon. Charles Mok, Legislative Councillor (IT)