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[Letter to Legco Transport Panel + reply] Gov’t withdrew agenda item for the discussion of video analysis projects


Download the letter (Chinese version only)

[pdf-embedder url="有關政府建議刪除與道路運輸有關的智慧出行措施.pdf"]

Download the reply from the government (Chinese version only)

[pdf-embedder url=""]…

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[Press release] Court grants interim injunction to ban online speech inciting violence Charles Mok: Extremely dangerous first step of internet censorship


(31 October 2019) The High Court has granted an interim injunction to temporarily ban publishing anything online deemed to encourage violence, valid till 15 November 2019. The application by the Secretary for Justice asked that the court restrain anyone from “disseminating, sharing, or resharing” any information or mat…

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Office Of Hon. Charles Mok, Legislative Councillor (IT)