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Visited HKTVMALL with IT industry to understand business concept of e-Commerce and impact of automation solutions on increasing efficiency and accuracy of warehouse management. Everyone finds it eye-opening.


Judgement was issued this afternoon which the injunction will continue to be effective. However, the judge narrowed the scope of the original injunction and amended that only those with the intent to incite will be found guilty under the new injunction order.


The Internet Society Hong Kong filed legal action against government’s injunction to ban online free speech, crowdfund $3M to support the litigation cost.


24 Pro-democracy Legislators filing JR against the Emergency Regulations Ordinance and Prohibition on Face Covering Regulation.


Pro-Democracy Camp condemned the Hong Kong government for invoking anti-mask law under the Emergency Regulations Ordinance.


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Hello, I am Charles Mok. Here you can explore my work in LegCo, latest publications and events.

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