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2018 Policy Address has accepted some of my recommendations, while still falls short in areas like upskilling efforts for locals, support for STEM and continued education, and etc.


Standing behind all our journalists at the Citizen's Square. If we don't stand up, Hong Kong will fall down.


During LegCo summer recess, I organised various visits for members to tech companies, to understand more on AI and cloud computing developments and applications.


Joined the LegCo delegation visit to London to learn more about the parliamentary system operating in the UK.


Co-organized with JMSC a seminar on “Social Media – Privacy and Freedom”, to discuss issues coming along with the rising popularity of using social media as one of the mainstream communication tools.


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Hello, I am Charles Mok. Here you can explore my work in LegCo, latest publications and events.

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Office Of Hon. Charles Mok, Legislative Councillor (IT)