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Criticized REO on the loss of laptops carrying voters personal data, and their lack of detailed information after days of incident. Also advocates mass filing campaign 【】 to Privacy Commissioner to complain REO's duty negligence.


Attended the International Parliamentary Conference on National Security & Cybersecurity in London. Discussed the facing challenges on withstand authoritarian governments to abuse public safety as tools on mass surveillance, under the climate of worldwide terrorism fear.


Invited various stakeholders and researchers to "Smart City and Green Transport seminar" and had vibrant discussions on how implementation of Opendata and Green transportation may bring a user- and environmental-friendly systems.


Hosted a press conference with Alliance for Children Development Rights (ACRDs) and Hon. Shiu Ka-Chun, urging government to provide more supports on Internet learning opportunities to grassroots families children.


Together with Natural Parenting Network, we met with Privacy Commissioner to disagree Taxi Cameras installation as a potential privacy violation act.


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Hello, I am Charles Mok. Here you can explore my work in LegCo, latest publications and events.

Office Of Hon. Charles Mok, Legislative Councillor (IT)