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Motion on “Concern about the expenditure of the West Kowloon Cultural District project” (Amendment Passed, Original motion as amended Negatived)


Hon Charles Peter MOK’s amendment

(#Note: Bold and underlined: Additional wording; Deletion line: Deletion of original wording)

That, the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority (‘WKCDA’) was established in 2008 and given a one-off upfront endowment of $21.6 billion by the Government to take forward the West Kow…

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Member's Motions / Amendments

Charles Mok @Adjournment Motion Debate on Cyber Security (2013.06.19)


Text of speech:

Mr President, because this adjournment motion relating to cyber security and Mr Snowden’s affair is a matter of global interest, I will make my comments in English.

Mr President, you may remember that last year I made a…

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Office Of Hon. Charles Mok, Legislative Councillor (IT)