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IT Manpower Development Survey – results

Hon Charles Mok, Legislative Councillor (IT) has conducted a survey on Manpower Development in the IT sector, aiming to deepen understanding on the work condition of IT workers and salary, factors affecting skills improvement, and collect views on policies that can help IT professionals enhance their career.

A brief background
80% of of our 2,078 respondents age between 25-44 and 70% of the respondents have worked in IT sector for at least 6 years. 80% of our respondents attained a bachelor’s/master’s degree. 74% of IT workers are employed with a permanent full-time contract while about 20% of them are employed with a temporary contract.
Most of our respondents work in Software and Systems Development (34%), Systems Management and Maintenance(15.1%) and Information Networks and Infrastructure(10.5%).

Are IT workers satisfied with their remuneration?
About 40% of respondents with 3-5 years of experience receive a monthly income of $20-30K. For more experienced workers, 40% of our respondents with 6-10 years of experience earn $30-50K a month, however 50% of them earn less than $30K monthly. 30% of our respondents earn more than $50K while they have 11 years or more work experience.

IT workers are willing to further study
56% of our respondents revealed they have pursued further studies in the past five years, mainly for career advancement (40.1%) and to meet job requirement (42.3%), however we see most of the respondents chose self-advancement (87.2%) as their reason for studies. For those who have not pursued further studied in the past few years are concerned with time (39.6%) and the expensive tuition fee (26.6%).

Most desirable skills
Among an array of skills to equip themselves, there are three popular skills that have the highest pick, namely Statistical Analysis and Data Mining, MongoDB, Hadoop and NoSQL(55.6%), Network and Information Security(51.7%) and Cloud and Distributed Computing/SaaS(47.7%). Respondents also show interest in Business Intelligence and Analytics, Mobile App Development and UI Design.

Policy expectations
The survey has included some policy proposals that this Office has pursued to tackle the manpower situation in the IT sector and almost all of the proposals received about 90% support from the respondents: Increase ICT courses and subsidy of Continuing Education Fund (91.1%); to subsidize ICT technical courses/ accredited qualifications/online remote courses (90.4%); to subsidize industry-college collaboration on short courses on hot skills (88.5%) ; to replace outsourced T-Contract positions with more civil servant IT positions (88.3 %), and to change government procurement policy favouring lower price(87.4%). 77.5% of our respondents support a professional qualification certification to recognise the status of IT.



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