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[Policy proposal] Charles Mok’s policy recommendations for 2019/20 Budget

Charles Mok met with the Financial Secretary Mr Paul Chan on January 7 with other Professionals Guild members to submit views and policy recommendations on the upcoming Budget. (Read the press release for more details)

10 major policy recommendations for Budget:

1. Introduce a mechanism to accumulate the remaining values of accounts that have used the Continuing Education Fund by increasing the balance by 10% annually.


2. A $500-million funding for the support of IT professionals to acquire in-demand skill sets in emerging technology areas.


3. Extend the government’s Internship Programme to all SMEs, start-ups, NGOs and trust funds.


4. A $500-million funding for the use of RegTech within the government.


5. To allocate funds from auctioning of spectrum and the OFCA Trading Fund to invest in new telecommunication infrastructures and systems, R&D and start-ups.


6. A $500-million funding to support industries to adopt automation technologies to increase efficiency and productivity.


7. Establish an Education and Innovation Lab to strengthen the use of EdTech (Education Technology) in schools.


8. Setting out a $500-million funding to subsidy SMEs and companies on a matching basis (similar to TVP) to conduct cybersecurity audit and strengthen defense against cyber threats.


9. Extend the scope of the Pilot Green Transport Fund to subsidise trial projects of intelligent transportation solutions to enhance road safety.


10. Establish an Open Data Institute to foster knowledge exchange and research on open data, and facilitate international connections.


Download the proposal (In Chinese only)

Office Of Hon. Charles Mok, Legislative Councillor (IT)