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Motion on “Formulating long-term infrastructure planning to promote sustainable development” (Amendment Negatived)

Hon Charles Peter MOK’s amendment

(#Note: Bold and underlined: Additional wording; Deletion line: Deletion of original wording)

That, given with the development of information technology, the changes in the global economic environment as well as the development needs of the knowledge-based economy and social aspirations to improve people’s living through comprehensive planning and application of technology in Hong Kong, this Council urges the SAR Government to expeditiously formulate long-term infrastructure planning, properly conduct public consultation, correspondingly allocate resources, and ensure the timely provision of adequate land and various supporting infrastructure facilities, and launch ‘Digital New Town Development’ to introduce innovative technologies and build a technology infrastructure which supports wireless cloud computing technology, and promote the development of areas such as intelligent security, intelligent transport systems and wireless network coverage, etc., in infrastructure planning for urban redevelopment and new town development, such as new public housing, government buildings and road infrastructure, etc., and later extend these new technology infrastructure facilities to the whole territory, so as to enhance the functions of Hong Kong as a regional economic hub, boost the economy and promote employment, and bring forth a quality environment and green living, promote sustainable development; this Council also urges the SAR Government to promote local industries, including the sustainable development of the information technology industry, adopt the achievements of local applied technological research and development on a priority basis, and create more opportunities of upward mobility for the new generation.

Office Of Hon. Charles Mok, Legislative Councillor (IT)