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Motion on “Promoting the economic development of Lok Ma Chau and Lantau Island” (Amendment passed)

Hon Charles Peter MOK’s amendment

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That, with the gradual materialization of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao ‘one-hour living circle’, cross-boundary flows of people and goods are bound to increase further; in this connection, this Council urges the Government to expeditiously study the setting up of a business and shopping centre in Lok Ma Chau and, in the light of the impending completion of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, set up an inter-departmental development committee to promptly formulate an overall development plan and perfect the infrastructure support for Lantau Island, so as to promote the development of diversified industries such as tourism, convention and exhibition, logistics and environmental protection, etc., including building more hotels and shopping malls on Lantau Island, so as to stimulate the economic development of the areas concerned, thereby creating diversified employment and business start-up opportunities; this Council also urges the Government to develop eco-tourism, open up monuments and heritage trails, build water sports centres, build more relevant commercial support facilities on Lantau Island, and set up flea markets, holiday bazaars and markets and cooked food centres managed by the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department, etc. in Tung Chung; the Government should also improve the external transport of Lantau Island, especially the bus services in Tung Chung West, and request the MTR Corporation Limited to reduce the fares of the Tung Chung Line and expeditiously build Tung Chung West Station; this Council also urges the Government to, with a ‘people-oriented’ mindset and on the premise of balancing conservation and development, expeditiously plan for the development of Lok Ma Chau and Lantau Island to stimulate the economy; the relevant proposals include:

(1) to develop ‘on-street economy’, including conducting studies on the setting up of night markets in Tung Chung and the establishment of markets with characteristics and traditional culture in suitable places of Lantau Island and Lok Ma Chau, so as to implement a dual economy, thereby providing small business operators with development opportunities and offering residents and tourists more diversified shopping choices;

(2) to develop new industries such as research and development of new technology-intensive industries, cultural and creative industries and the environmental industry, etc., in Lantau Island and the Lok Ma Chau Loop, so as to create more positions at the middle and low levels for providing residents with various employment opportunities;

(3) to conduct studies on the development of cycling tourism in Lantau Island and Lok Ma Chau, including expeditiously implementing the construction of coastal cycle tracks in North Lantau, extending the cycle track works connecting the Northwest and Northeast New Territories to Lok Ma Chau and providing bicycle ferry services from Lantau Island to Sunny Bay, Park Island and Tsuen Wan, etc., so as to enable both areas to develop green and low-carbon transport and green economies;

(4) making reference to the model of ‘holiday markets’ in overseas countries, to promote bazaar culture and organic produce markets in both areas, so as to promote local fresh fisheries and agricultural products and facilitate the development of relevant industries;

(5) to construct training colleges which match the mode of local economic development on the sites for developing higher education in the Lok Ma Chau Loop, so as to train more local talents to dovetail with Hong Kong’s future economic development;

(6) to expeditiously develop Tung Chung West, and expeditiously implementing the alignment and station points of the Northern Link mentioned in the ‘Railway Development Strategy 2000’, so as to provide transportation support for the development of both areas;

(7) to open up the SkyPier for use by inner harbour ferries, so as to increase Tung Chung’s connection with other areas; and

(8) to abolish the toll for Lantau Link and launch reasonably-priced monthly tickets on a zonal basis for the Tung Chung Line, so as to reduce the travelling expenses of Lantau Island residents and tourists;

this Council also urges the Government to, by making use of their cross-boundary advantages, reserve sites in Lok Ma Chau and Lantau Island for developing scientific research and data storage, and for building the relevant ancillary facilities, thereby enhancing Hong Kong’s competitiveness.

Office Of Hon. Charles Mok, Legislative Councillor (IT)