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Charles Mok e-Bulletin: Singapore’s support to startups | Condemning the Legco President | Follow up on the HKIRC saga (2016-10-28)



新加坡政府對startups的支援 | 譴責立法會主席濫權 | 跟進HKIRC招聘行政總裁事宜
Singapore’s support to startups | Condemning the Legco President | Follow up on the HKIRC saga

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1. 海外考察《二》:星洲Startup支援  資助以外的可能

延續上期提到我早前的新加坡之行見識到當地政府如何用IT人思維和利用科技提升公共服務,在扶持初創企業上,星洲政府同樣做得相當出色。有別於香港政府大談支持初創企業但實際上只懂得『派錢』的做法,新加坡政府確切了解初創企業所需,除了資金外更有措施協助企業成長及積極為企業發展業務,當局推行的 IMDA Labs 和 [email protected] 就很值得港府學習。(閱讀全文

2. 嚴正要求梁君彥下台聯署聲明



3. 在議會內監察政府,推動IT界關注議題



  • 政府IT採購政策,尤其是購買本地產品和服務;

  • 政府T合約員工問題;

  • IT專業認證;

  • 公開數據;

  • 偏遠地區寬頻供應問題;

  • 本地電視發牌;

  • 資訊保安;

  • HKIRC招聘行政總裁事宜。


  • 發展智慧城市——應邀請其他相關事務委員會如交通、發展等共同討論;

  • 討論整體頻譜供應及政策

4. 關注HKIRC招聘行政總裁事宜


5. 對2017施政報告及財政預算案之建議


Charles Mok e-Bulletin

1. Singapore’s support to startups

As a sequel to my previous article about my visit to Singapore, my latest piece talks about how the Singapore government initiated the IMDA Labs and [email protected] programmes to support startups by providing them not only with funds but also with abundant business opportunities to grow.

2.  Urging Andrew Leung to step down

It was regrettable to see the Legco President reversed his previous decision and decided to postpone the oath-taking of two directly elected lawmakers. Even though I do not agree with the beliefs and actions of the two, ignoring the Rules of Procedures and failing to fulfil the responsibility of Legco President are unacceptable.

I have signed a declaration with 25 other democratic lawmakers, urging Andrew Leung to step down as the Legco President. I hope you can sign the declaration and circulate it. Tanya Chan from Civic Party will request to move a motion of no confidence against Andrew Leung today at the House Committee.

3. Monitoring the government in Legco and raise industry issues

In a bid to better monitor the government and fight for the interests of the IT sector, I decided to enter into contest and was elected as the Deputy Chairman of both the Panel on Information Technology and Broadcasting, and the Public Works Subcommittee.

I have also written to different Legco policy panels for adding into the agenda a list of issues that are of great significance to our industry growth and the overall innovation and technology development of Hong Kong.

At the Panel on Information Technology and Broadcasting (ITBP), I have requested the panel to discuss the following issues:

  • Reforming the ICT procurement policy of the government

  • The T-contract hiring of IT staff in the government

  • Launching the ICT Professional Recognition Framework

  • Open data development

  • Improving network connection in rural areas

  • TV licensing issues

  • Data security

  • Alleged conflict of interests in the hiring of Chief Executive of HKIRC

For items that are already on the ITBP agenda, I have urged for a joint meeting with other policy panels to discuss smart city development and a thorough discussion on reforming the spectrum policy.

4. Urging the government to explain over the HKIRC saga

Regarding a recent media report which has claimed the hiring of the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Ltd (HKIRC) may involve conflicts of interests, I have urged the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer to explain and clarify on the issues concerned.

5. IT folks, your time to voice out

My team and I are working on a policy proposal to the government regarding the coming Policy Address and the Budget. Please send us your thoughts.

Feedback welcome

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