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Policy proposal for the 2017 Policy Address

Highlight: 10 policy recommendations from Charles Mok:

1) Tax incentive for companies to increase R&D investment and for overseas corporates to establish R&D centres in Hong Kong.

2) Implement Digital Marketplace to facilitate the participation of SMEs and startups in the government’s IT contracts.

3) Reform the government IT procurement arrangement, establish a Public Digital Service Lab and Institute of Digital Skills for Civil Servants to encourage the government to use technology and innovative solutions to improve public services.  

4) Develop a blueprint in using innovative and technology for industrial transformation.

5) Nurture more IT talent via Technology Associate Program, Innovation and Technology Upskilling Fund, and Data Science Education Fund.

6) Re-launch the preparation work to establish the IT professional qualification framework.

7) Reform the Continuing Education Fund and encourage citizens to take up ICT courses.

8) Improve open data via formulating an Open Data Strategy, setting up Open Data Facilitation Office and an Open Data Institute to foster public-private partnership.

9) Review outdated laws and establish a Technology and Law Reform Committee.

10) Foster the development of Smart City, including setting out development strategy on gerontech, implementing Smart City Sandbox and facilitating the development of automated vehicles.  


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Office Of Hon. Charles Mok, Legislative Councillor (IT)