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2018.12.11 📜 檔案法 & 公開資料法 | 🎮 電競牌照 | 🏡 短期出租住宿 | 🚌 交通安全科技 | 🔎 市民信用資料保障


檔案法 & 公開資料法 Archives Law & Access to Information | 電競牌照 E-sports license | 短期出租住宿 Short-term home rentals | 交通安全科技 Intelligent traffic safety technologies | 市民信用資料保障 Security and privacy of consumer credit information


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🗣️ 議會工作


















持有本港逾 500 萬⼈借貸資料的環聯資訊有限公司及與環聯合作的第三⽅平台被揭發出現漏洞,令第三者能夠運⽤⾝份證號碼、名字及出⽣⽇期。我隨即去信立法會財經事務委員會要求就事件進行特別會議。(閱讀全文) 











 莫乃光:旅行社牌照要求咁高,初創企業邊有得玩?Speaking for the Travel Industry Bill

🗣️Council works


Response to the consultation papers on Archives Law and Access to Information

The Law Reform Commission last week released two consultation papers on Archives Law and Access to Information. In spite of this progress, it is disappointing that after five years and 43 meetings, the LRC’s Subcommittee on Archives Law is still consulting on whether legislation is required. The two laws should be legislated in parallel and without delay. I will continue to work with community groups in pursuit of this important legal framework for Hong Kong.

Better regulations on e-sports venues

The Financial Secretary has indicated more support for the development of the e-sports industry in this year’s Budget. However, the licensing issues concerning e-sport operators are still posing huge challenges to their businesses. Replying to my recent Council question, the government said that it is formulating a set of guidelines for e-sports venues to help operators apply for the required licences. As the guidelines will be released in the first quarter of 2019, I am inviting the government to meet with the gaming industry to listen more views. (Read more)

Urging review on laws for home-sharing

LegCo is currently scrutinising the Hotel and Guesthouse Accommodation (Amendment) Bill 2018, which will make owners and tenants more accountable under the new laws. I have called on the government as early as 2014 to look into regulating home-sharing with a more balanced approach, including a licensing system to ensure that short-term home rentals can better comply with the safety regulations and eliminate the nuisance to communities. (Read more)

Fostering the use of intelligent traffic safety technologies to enhance road safety

In the wake of recent serious traffic accidents, I raised a Council question and suggested the government to subsidise the trial use of intelligent traffic safety technologies on commercial vehicles in order to enhance road safety, thereby reducing the casualties, damage to property and indirect economic loss caused by traffic accidents. (Read more)

Follow-up on the privacy leak of TransUnion

The credit reporting agency was founded to have security loopholes by a local newspaper. With simple steps, third parties can obtain highly sensitive information of over 5 million Hong Kong citizens. As the incident is very serious, I demanded the Legco Panel on Financial Affairs to convene a special meeting to discuss the matter.



More supports on e-learning needed

Hundreds millions of money was allocated to the implementation of the Fourth Strategy on IT in Education. The latest audit report, however, lambasted the implementation of the e-learning policy of the government, citing improper monitoring and inadequate supports to schools to adopt e-learning. The Education Bureau should review its policies and set out more initiatives to foster the adoption of e-learning in Hong Kong.

Better privacy protection before opening credit data

Currently, consumers in Hong Kong need to pay to obtain their own credit data. However, credit reporting agencies only need to comply with the Codes of Practice which is far from adequate to protect the personal data of consumers. Opening up credit data can not be done at the expense of privacy protection.

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