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2018.12.21 👥 本地科技人才培育 | 📝 政府創科基金申請要訣 | 🌎 綠色科技 | 💻 人工智能 | 🏡 共享民宿規管



本地科技人才培育 Nurturing of local tech talents | 政府創科基金申請要訣 Application of Gov’t I&T funding | 綠色科技 Green tech | 人工智能 Artificial Intelligence | 共享民宿規管 Regulation on home-sharing


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封殺共享民宿 不如主動規管

各種網上民宿平台隨科技急速發展已蔚然成風,全球很多城市已因應各自的條件和挑戰,制訂規管民宿的政策。與其停留在民宿「合法vs. 違法」的層面處理,政府更應諮詢公眾探討共享經濟所需規管制度,找出最適合香港的方式,幫助新經濟與現有旅遊業界共贏共存。(閱讀全文)



 莫乃光:開放數據唔係一味夠多就得!Speaking on open data policy 

 莫乃光:科學館27年變歷史博物館,勁羞家!Speaking on the exhibition management of the Hong Kong Science Museum 

🗣️Council works


Event highlight: Seminar on Gov’t I&T funding

I co-organised a seminar this week in collaboration with ITVision. Useful insights were shared by speakers from the IT sector, SMEs and start-ups on applying the Technology Voucher Programme, Enterprise Support Scheme and Postdoctoral Hub Programme.

Urging for more support on the nurturing of local technology talents

In the latest World Talent Report 2018 published by the International Institute for Management Development in Lausanne of Switzerland, Hong Kong’s ranking has fallen from the 12th place of last year to the 18th of this year, and Singapore, which ranks at 13th, outruns Hong Kong to become the highest ranking in Asia. I raised a Council question recently to urge the government to step up the efforts in fostering the upgrade and transformation of various industries through the use of innovation and technology, and enhance the training of local technology talents. (Read more)

Fostering the use of green technology to tackle climate change

The Legco recently debated on a motion for Hong Kong to “fully transform into a green and low-carbon smart society and economy, and proactively alleviate and cope with global climate change”. Both the motion and my amendment were passed, and I called on the government to bolster the use of green technology for the mission.



Is Hong Kong geared up for the AI era?

Already there are predictions that robotics will replace 400 millions of jobs worldwide by 2030 and 7.5 millions of the workforce will be forced to change jobs. What is the impact of AI to Hong Kong? What kind of jobs in town will be most influenced?

Home-sharing: better to regulate than to outlaw

Online home-sharing platforms are prevalent in many cities and jurisdictions have responded with regulatory changes. The controversy that home-sharing is illegal drags on in Hong Kong, however, a better approach is for the government to consult the public on how home-sharing can be better regulated instead of issuing a full ban, thereby balancing the interests of the new economy and the hotel industry.

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