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2018.9.19 關注高鐵乘客的個人資料保障 | 關注上市公司文件欠專業 | 《施政報告》建議書 | 倫敦創科考察


  關注高鐵乘客的個人資料保障 Data privacy on high-speed railway | 關注上市公司文件欠專業 Concerns on corporate disclosure | 《施政報告》建議書 Proposals to the Policy Address | 倫敦創科考察 Visit to London |


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🗣️ 議會工作









【倫敦:智慧城市 = 改革政府!】


【倫敦:Startups 看香港 vs 新加坡 】

【倫敦:Open Data Institute 】


【倫敦Day 1:得來不易的民主 】

【倫敦Day 1/2:罰停賽,無糧出? 】

【倫敦Day 2(2):「香港是英國歷史重要的一部分」】

【倫敦Day 2(3):問佢大灣區,佢答係唔係新加坡?】

【倫敦Day 3:FCO+ETO+RCA 】

【愛丁堡Day 4:蘇格蘭的一國兩制 】

【愛丁堡Day 5:英國、蘇格蘭之間的中央與地方關係 】









科技法例多管齊下 杜絕黃牛黨



施政報告建議—鞏固優勢 放眼國際







2018.9.4《社交媒體的第三隻眼 – 私隱與自由研討會》回顧 Recap of our seminar on social media and privacy (video in Cantonese)

🗣️Council works


ICT policy proposals for the 2018 Policy Address

I met with the Chief Executive in August together with members from the Professionals Guild to discuss our concerns and proposals for the upcoming Policy Address. At the meeting, I presented my policy proposal to Carrie Lam of which contains over 50 items on ICT development and other policy areas. This year my suggestions focus on raising the competitiveness of Hong Kong and strengthening the international engagement. I urge the government to prepare for the challenges arising from new technology and innovations, shape a proper regulatory framework for innovators, foster the progress of Smart City and step up the efforts to a more open government. (Read my 14 key policy proposals)

Data privacy concerns on high-speed railway

It has been reported that when passengers connect to the free WiFi service provided at the West Kowloon terminus and on the trains, users’ personal information will be shared to mainland authorities and authorised organisations. I have written to MTRC and demanded explanation on the matter.

The UK experience of Smart City

I joined the Legco delegation last week for a parliamentary visit to London and Edinburgh. Before the official visit began, I took the opportunity to meet with government officials working on Smart City projects in London, trade officials from the Department for International Trade, and also exchanged with the Open Data Institute and the start-up community.

Concerns on the quality of corporate disclosure

A listed company in Hong Kong issued a corporate document online in late August, in which there are many grammatical mistakes in both the Chinese and English versions, and the Chinese version is written in a mix of formal and colloquial Chinese. The political content mentioned in the document is also improper for a listed company to address. Joining other members from the Professionals Guild, we wrote to the HKEx and SFC to express our concerns that this should not become a trend for other listed companies to follow.



Hong Kong needs to maintain our competitive edge

When the government places great emphasis on the Greater Bay Area development and ignores the international engagement and our unique position under the One Country Two Systems, it is no wonder that governments and the technology community worldwide are losing interests in Hong Kong or have little knowledge of the I&T initiatives we implement to attract foreign businesses.

Combat ticket scalping with the use of technology

Apart from Hong Kong, ticket scalping is also rampant in many countries which has prompted governments and regulators to review the laws and explore solutions with new technology. The Hong Kong government should take a more active role to update its technology as well as regulations to combat the problem.


Proposals to the 2018 Policy Address

The government should devise strategy to help local start-ups to globalise apart from aiming at the Greater Bay Area development.


The San Francisco Bay Area model: How can we build a Smart City?

Compared to Hong Kong, the San Francisco Bay Area’s model in developing Smart City emphasises user engagement and consensus building. What can we learn from the San Francisco experience in formulating our Smart City policies in order to cater to the needs of our citizens?

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