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2019.1.15 📝 Policy recommendations for the 2019/20 Budget | 💻 Latest development on open data | 🚕 Calling for regulation on ride sharing | 💰 Government I&T subsidy programmes



 就2019/20財政預算案提交意見書 Policy recommendations for the 2019/20 Budget |  開放數據 Latest development on open data |  網約車監管 Calling for regulation on ride sharing |  政府創科資助計劃 Government I&T subsidy programmes


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🗣️ 議會工作



我上週聯同專業議政會晤財政司司長陳茂波,就2019/20年度財政預算案諮詢提交共71項建議的意見書,新建議涉及金額約 80億元,當中近 40 億元為創科人才培訓政策,其餘範疇包括推動更新過時法例、提升企業能力、刺激科研投資,以及加快主要行業升級轉型等。
















🗣️Council works


Policy recommendations for the 2019/20 Budget

I met with the Financial Secretary Mr Paul Chan last week with other Professionals Guild members to submit views and policy recommendations on the upcoming Budget. This year, my proposal included 71 policy suggestions which amounted to around HKD$8 billion, out of which HKD$4 billion was specifically to address the shortage of tech talents and digital skill gap in Hong Kong. (Read more)

Pushing for a more  open data quality and accountability

The government recently released the latest initiatives on open data, including to release data in machine-readable formats commonly used by the industry and also publish annual open data plans for all bureaux and departments. I regard the new policy as a positive contribution to our development in Smart City and digital economy, and bolster the growth of the digital economy. Yet, the government should place more emphasis on data quality, keep the datasets as up-to-date as possible, making them easier to use, and to set out a more comprehensive KPI to catch up with other advanced economies that have made significant progress on open data, such as Taiwan, the UK and US. (Read more)



From bike sharing to ride sharing: Similar regulation should apply

The government issued the Code of Practice for Automated Dockless Bicycle Rental Services last fall and signed the Memorandum of Understanding on the Operation of Automated Dockless Bicycle Rental Services with four automated bicycle rental operators. While actions are taken to allow bike sharing to operate, ride sharing is however facing a different fate.

The Government needs to step up the efforts in open data

The open data movement has evolved in many states and cities, from increasing transparency, now governments are moving into the FAIR direction, meaning data should be made findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable. As a latecomer, the recent open data initiative of the Hong Kong government is a step forward. How can Hong Kong learn from the experiences of other cities to foster the open data development and formulate better open data policies?

Gov’t I&T subsidy programmes should streamline application process

In a bid to develop innovation and technology, the government has set out a series of subsidy programmes and fundings for the hiring of IT workers and adoption of technology. Are the government programmes which aim to benefit tech companies, SMEs and start-ups useful? What are the insights in applying for the Technology Voucher Programme, Enterprise Support Scheme and Postdoctoral Hub Programme?

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