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2019.10.9 🚫 Open Letter to CE & ExCo: No Internet Shutdown | 📡 HK-SZ private line | 🔎 Missing forms of the Caring and Sharing Scheme


致特首及行會公開信:切勿封網 Open Letter to CE & ExCo: No Internet Shutdown | 反對《緊急法》Oppose Emergency Regulation |  跟進香港內地網絡專線 HK-SZ private line |  關愛計劃遺失申請表 Missing forms of the Caring and Sharing Scheme

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我向政府查詢大型遊行之前收到由「HK Police」發出的手機短訊,發現由6月至8月尾警方兩次合共發出約1543萬個短訊,政府部門在諮詢有關政策局及政府新聞處後,透過通訊辦轉交營辦商發放短訊。(閱讀全文


廉署起訴17人 涉2016年立法會IT界選舉賄選及種票


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Open letter to CE & ExCo: Keep the Internet On

Free flow of information is the lifeblood of the IT sector. If the government imposes any restrictions on Internet access, the impact to IT companies and other industries can be catastrophic. On 4 October, the government invoked the powers of Emergency Regulations Ordinance to introduce an anti-mask ban, and an ExCo member did not rule out the possibility of imposing restrictions to the internet. I issued an open letter to the Chief Executive and Executive Council Members on 5 October to warn the government against introducing any regulation that imposes limitations towards internet connection or the usage of apps and websites. (Full text)


Emergency law will set Hong Kong digital autonomy on fire

Implementing the Emergency Regulation Ordinance will be akin to legalise the invasion of human rights and further grant the police and the government with more abusive power without checks and balances. This will not stop the ongoing crisis but provoke more unrest and outrage.


Policy statement to the Gov’t: Reform HK and restore order

Without addressing the fundamental problems, a peaceful resolution to this summer of discontent is still not in sight. We need genuine reform and not more talks to rebuild trust and restore order. I issued a policy statement in response to the public consultation of the upcoming Policy Address, urging Carrie Lam to accede to the public demands, reform the police force, improve the transparency of policy implementation and more measures to rebuild investors’ trust and step up the support to the ICT industry. (Read more)


Police establishing private line to Shenzhen court

A media report revealed a police division has installed a private line in August to connect the Wan Chai Police Headquarters in Hong Kong with a court in Shenzhen. In order to follow up, I requested the Security Bureau to provide details on the use of the private line and also on cases that require cross-border testimony.

15 millions of SMS sent by Police from June to August

It was revealed that the Police has in the past few months sent out SMS messages to the public prior to some demonstrations. Replying to my letter in September, the Office of the Communications Authority explained that government units will consult the policy bureau and the Information Services Department, and the Communication Authority will inform the telecommunication companies to send out SMS messages to the public.

Vote-rigging must be sanctioned

I have reported suspected cases of vote-rigging to the ICAC in September 2016. Latest development saw seventeen individuals charged for bribery and vote-rigging. I welcomed the enforcement action and I believed it will act as a deterrent to the LegCo election next year. Any efforts to influence election results must be brought to justice. (Read more)

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Hong Kong and Northern Ireland: What history tells us about suppressing protests with an iron fist

The lesson from Northern Ireland’s 30 years of ‘The Troubles’ is clear: history repeats itself. When a government refuses to listen and respond to the people’s demands, and merely resort to brutal force, protests turn violent and even more uncontrollable. How can there be a peaceful resolution? The first step is to investigate and find out the truth.


Relying on publicity stunt will not help change anything

Carrie Lam has set out plans to communicate with the public but what Hong Kong needs to resolve the crisis is action and not just more talks. We need genuine solutions to rebuild trust and convince the international society that Hong Kong is not just an ordinary Chinese city.


Big Brother is watching: what we should do to protect ourselves

It has already become increasingly difficult for us to avoid surveillance by governments and tech companies, both in the real and the cyber world. Artificial intelligence is also becoming more and more integrated with the real economy, and is already manifesting itself in many aspects of our daily life. (Read full article)


The threat from facial recognition technology

While face recognition is fast becoming the latest weapon of authorities in various countries, this has stirred up much controversy all over the world. (Read full article)

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