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2019.12.20 ✅ Online tool for voter registration | 💻 Information security in schools | 🔎 Tear gas inspection in Science Park | 👤 Human rights abuses on HK citizens in mainland



「選民登記填表機」Online tool for voter registration | 提升學校網絡保安系統 Information security in schools | 科學園催淚煙檢測 Tear gas inspection in Science Park | 香港人在內地的基本人權保障 Human rights abuses on HK citizens in mainland


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我近日透過議會質詢,要求警方交代自本年6月以來就『反送中』運動採取的執法行動、人手安排、以及偵查工作等。政府回應指由今年6月至11月30日期間,共向互聯網服務供應商 / 網絡平台 / 網站提出2 444項披露資料的要求及643項移除資料要求。(閱讀全文



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Online tool for voter registration launched

In a bid to urge more Hong Kong people register as voters in the geographic and functional constituencies, the Professionals Guild released an online tool this week to push for the call. The tool aims to create an electronic voter registration form and allow users to submit the form online to the Registration and Electoral Office. (Website)


Enhancing transparency in District Councils

There are widespread inconsistencies in the quantities and formats of the public information provided by various District Councils. Also, most of the data uploaded onto their websites are not in machine-readable formats, and some important decisions (such as funding approvals) are not recorded in any minutes of meetings but only by way of circulation of papers. The obscure operations of the DCs have been long criticised, hindering policy discussion and public scrutiny. I urged the government to open up the data from the DCs to enhance the transparency of operations and to encourage members of the public to participate in district affairs. (Read more)


3000 information removal/ disclosure requests by Police since June

In my recent Council question, I requested the Police to disclose data and information on their law enforcement actions, manpower deployment and investigation work since June this year, and it was discovered in the government reply that the Police has made 2444 information disclosure requests and 643 information removal requests to Internet service providers, Internet platforms and websites. It was also revealed that until November this year, the Police has issued 621 requests to social media platforms urging for removing posts, a figure that is almost 20 times higher than the 32 in 2018. (Read more)

Urging for more support to schools on information security

Eight schools adopting the WebSAMS provided by the Education Bureau were found with data breach in the aftermath of cyberattacks. I issued a letter to the Bureau subsequently urging for more information on the incident and funding support to schools to upgrade their information security system and arrange regular audit by independent information security experts.


Inspection and cleaning of dioxins in Science Park

Responding to the call in my joint-letter together with Hon Alvin Yeung and three newly elected District Councillors, the management of Hong Kong Science and Technology Park met with the Science Park community on December 6th. The results from the first phase of inspection will be issued in mid-January next month. It was also announced that the replacement of air-conditioning filters of all buildings in the Science park was completed. Guidelines on office cleaning was also issued and cleaning of car park was also arranged.

Over 600 Hong Kong citizens detained in mainland this year

In August, a Hong Kong resident employed by the British Consulate General in Hong Kong was taken away at the mainland port area of the XRL West Kowloon Station by mainland law enforcement officers. He alleged that during his detention, he was subjected to inhumane treatments. I questioned the government this month on the violation of basic human rights of Hong Kong citizens detained in mainland. (Read more)

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Letter to Hong Kong: Freedom of expression must not be stifled in the name of countering “fake news”

The issue at hand is not fake news. The issue at hand is freedom of expression, disguised by the authority in the name of countering misinformation. We must continue to guard against Internet censorship because no one else will save us. It is our — the people’s own — free opinion vs the government’s version of the only truth — that is what it is all about. (Read more)


Erosion of freedoms, not US law, that investors will fret about

While our government and the pro-establishment members are criticising the legislation of the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act by the United States, they have misplaced the technology policy focus of Hong Kong. We should support local industry and nurture more technology talents here, and not to deliver white-glove services for China. (Read more)

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