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2019.3.20 🎵 跟進國歌法 | 🚕 規管網約車 | 📡 5G頻譜拍賣 | 🔎 電訊規管架構檢討 | 👀 透明政府


跟進國歌法 National Anthem Bill | 規管網約車 Ride-hailing services | 5G頻譜拍賣 Auctioning of 5G spectrum | 電訊規管架構檢討 Review of telecommunication law | 透明政府 Government’s transparency


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按圖閲讀 2017-18年度的工作報告 Click the image to read my Work Report of 2017-18

🗣️ 議會工作



目前距離政府公佈將進行3.5、3.3和4.9吉赫頻帶頻譜拍賣的時間(今年7至8月)只剩餘不足四個月,然而有關修訂法例的工作以及拍賣安排仍未諮詢立法會,更先後兩次於立法會事務委員會會議延遲5G頻譜拍賣相關議程的討論日期。鑑於電訊服務營辦商在獲配頻譜後約需兩年時間進行測試,3.5GHz頻譜拍賣若延誤不只影響電訊業界部署,亦窒礙智慧城市應用技術的研發,我早前去信商務及經濟發展局局長表達強烈關注。( 閲讀全文)


政府早前就《廣播條例》及《電訊條例》第二階段檢討諮詢公眾。我提交建議書要求政府落實措施推動5G及物聯網發展,如開放更多地點供電訊商安裝5G基站、研究將頻譜使用費成為扣稅項目推動5G投資等。( 閲讀全文)



立法會正審議《國歌條例草案》,我注意到政府未能清晰界定何為侮辱國歌行為,網民在網絡平台上載、分發或分享其他人在社交媒體上的帖文將來是否構成犯法行爲?我亦聯同公民黨楊岳橋議員去信政府,要求交代就侮辱國歌行為的搜證程序。( 閲讀全文)


立法會交通事務委員會早前討論「汽車非法出租或取酬載客的罰則水平檢討」,我提交意見書促請政府開放點對點載客服務市場,設置發牌制度規管網絡平台和司機,為廣大乘客增加安全的選擇,同時讓司機有法可依,使公共政策配合科技突破。( 閲讀全文)




自2013年起我密切監察政府部門向ICT公司索取用戶資料和要求移除資料的情況,今年我亦再次促請政府提高執法行動的透明度,定期以開放數據形式發放相關數字。政府答覆表示會考慮將相關數據以機讀格式定期發放。( 閲讀全文) 










預算案重基建輕人才 應對症下藥

財政司司長提到發展創科要「工欲善其事,必先利其器」,但有器亦需有人配合使用,人從何來?只靠外來專才短期未必解決到問題,長遠更是不能治本。( 閲讀全文)


政府向的士業叩頭 誰得益

政府可以選擇對網約車和平台同樣施加嚴格規管,令的士和網約車共存,同樣須符合安全、保險等規則保障市民。筆者希望政府正視市民的聲音,認真研究消委會的建議,就改革出租車服務牌照制度進行獨立研究並諮詢公眾,制訂一套符合本港實際環境需要及科技應用的網約車規管制度。( 閲讀全文)



2019.3.7 聯同專業議政就香港醫療服務政策會見行政長官後見記者 The Professionals Guild met with the Chief Executive on reforming health policies

🗣️Council works


Concerns on the delay of 5G roll-out

The government’s plan to auction the 5G spectrum this summer is stirring concerns as it has stalled the consultation works with Legco. Telecommunication companies often require around two years to test and trial the spectrum, any delay of the auction will affect the planning of the telecommunication industry and also the progress of Smart City in Hong Kong. In light of the issue, I have written to the Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development for the release of a clear schedule on spectrum auction and planning.

Response to the review on telecommunication law

The government has earlier consulted the public on the review of the Broadcasting Ordinance and Telecommunications Ordinance. I have issued a policy submission calling for more measures to speed up the 5G and IoT development, including making more locations available for 5G site deployment and also implementing tax treatment for Spectrum Utilization Fees. ( Read my submission)

Urging for more clarity on the national anthem law

Legco is currently scrutinising the National Anthem Bill. I attach great importance to addressing the uncertainty of the proposed law, particularly on what constitutes an act of insulting the anthem. Will netizens be held accountable for uploading, sharing and distributing links and posts on social media platforms? I have also submitted a joint-letter with Hon Alvin Yeung from the Civic Party to relay our concerns and questions to the government on evidence gathering.

Pushing for regulation on ride-hailing services

The Legco’s Panel on Transport last week discussed the review of penalty level for illegal carriage of passengers for hire or reward. I tabled a submission calling for the government to issue greenlight on the point-to-point transport services by implementing regulations and a licensing system to address the needs and safety of the consumers.

Calling for more transparency for the government

Every year I questioned the government on the number of requests it made to the ICT companies for disclosure and removal of information. I also requested that more data to be open to the public and the government replied that it will consider releasing information under specific circumstances. ( Read more)



Hong Kong must not become just another Chinese city

Our trading allies clearly support Hong Kong as having a better economic, legal and social system than the Mainland. That is as clear an affirmation of our “one-country, two-systems” framework as one can get. ( Read more)

Budget lacks commitment to local tech talents

The new Budget has disregarded the pressing demand from the ICT sector and frontline workers to address the shortage of local technology talents and fill the skills gap in the market. Importing talents may not solve the problem in the short-term and it is definitely not the solution in the long run.

Government bowing to taxi pressure

The government may be outspoken in supporting sharing economy and innovation, however, actions taken to combat ride-hailing services were countering the government’s commitment in promoting innovation and technology in Hong Kong. The government should study the recommendations from the Consumer Council to establish a regulatory framework for ride-hailing services that is suitable to the unique circumstances of Hong Kong.

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