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2019.6.25 🆕 再工業化及科技培訓計劃 | 💰 創科創投基金 | 💡 公務員創新 | 🔒 病人私隱保障


再工業化及科技培訓計劃 Reindustrialisation and Technology Training Programme  |  創科創投基金 Innovation and Technology Venture Fund | 公務員創新 Tech upskilling for civil servants | 病人私隱保障 Patient privacy protection


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🗣️ 議會工作


政府去年8月推出再工業化及科技培訓計劃,資助本地公司人員接受高端科技培訓。 我在 6月19日就計劃提出質詢,政府資料顯示截至今年5月底,計劃已資助335間本地企業共831人接受培訓,總額約557萬元。我向政府反映培訓課程批核程序繁複費時,政府回覆在今年3月推出網上申請系統,並自5月起培訓機構只須書面通知秘書處便可再舉辦同一個已獲批的公開課程最多兩次,毋須再經審批。




政府派4000元的亂局反映公務員實在需要改革。立法會 6月5日辯論『改善公務員待遇,提升施政效率及推動創意與創新』議案,我提出修正案促請政府與時並進,由市民和用家角度出發,善用科技提高公共服務的質素,著重效率和創新,並增加對公務員的科技培訓。我的修正案獲得議員支持通過。(閱讀我的發言)






硬推送中條例 政府必須問責



捍衛免於恐懼的自由 立會見


🗣️ Council works


Streamlining the application of I&T subsidy programmes

The Government launched the Reindustrialisation and Technology Training Programme last August to subsidise company staff to receive training in advanced technologies. I tabled a Council question on June 19, urging the government to ease the vetting process. By the end of May, the Programme has funded a total of 831 staff from 335 local enterprises to receive technology training with a total funding amount of about $5.57 million. And since last month, training providers could re-run the same public course previously registered for a maximum of two times by notifying the secretariat in writing, without the need to go through vetting again. (Read more)


Innovation and Technology Venture Fund

In May I questioned the latest status on the Innovation and Technology Venture Fund. The government has so far received 9 investment proposals, with proposed investee companies engaging in financial technology (3); e‑commerce (3); supply chain management (1); biotechnology (1); and artificial intelligence (1).  Assessment of 3 investment proposals have been completed. The Fund has invested about $12 million in two local I&T start-ups which engage in e-commerce and supply chain management. (Read more)

Tech upskilling for civil servants needed

The cash handout scheme for the underprivileged by the government last year ended up in widespread complaints and criticism. The incident showed that more innovative solutions are needed for public services and civil servants should be provided with more training in the use of technology. At a floor debate on June 5, I tabled an amendment motion, calling for the government to use new technology to address the public demands and improve government services. My motion was approved. (Read more)

Patient privacy must be safeguarded

It was revealed that the Police can access patient data in public hospitals at will, according to a complaint made by frontline medical staff to the medical lawmaker Dr Pierre Chan. I have immediately written to the Hospital Authority and the Privacy Commissioner for an investigation into the incident to protect patient privacy. The Hospital Authority last week announced that it will step up the information security precautions and create a three-member taskforce to identify ways to protect patients’ medical information.

✍🏻 Recent Articles


Holding the government accountable for pressing through the Extradition Bill

There should be a better way for the government to accede to public demands. No one wants to take to the street every weekend, and no young people want to take on police violence, tear gas, rubber bullets, and even risk their lives and future in order to have their voices heard. The major protests this month saw Hong Kong people stood up and came out for one cause: To fight for the freedom of Hong Kong.


Hong Kong to fight against white terror

After one million people took to the street on June 6, the government still chose to ignore the public demands. Carrie Lam said she did not want to see young people being ‘radicalised’. Clearly she has not realised that she is the biggest cause of the current crisis.

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