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2019.6.6 🆕 Smart Govt Innovation Lab | ⚠️ Facial recognition & surveillance | 👨🏻‍💻 Govt trials on blockchain | 📢 9 Jun Rally to Stop Extradition to China


智慧政府創新實驗室 Smart Govt Innovation Lab  | 人臉識別監控 Facial recognition & surveillance | 🏻‍ 政府研究區塊鏈 Govt trials on blockchain | 6月9日反送中遊行 9 Jun Rally to Stop Extradition to China


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🗣️ 議會工作















華為 vs 美國 — 新科技冷戰的真正戰場在哪?



科企大得不能倒 分拆是出路?


🗣️ Council works


New opportunity to offer technology solutions to HK Gov’t

For years, I have recommended setting up an online platform similar to UK’s Digital Marketplace to publish government departments’ demands for technology solutions and facilitate SMEs and startups in procurement. The government has responded and recently the Smart Government Innovation Lab is established to connect departments with the IT sector to formulate innovative measures and for the industry to pitch solutions to the government directly online.

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Raising concerns over the use of facial recognition for surveillance

There is a surge of concerns over governments overseas deploying high-resolution CCTV systems with automated facial recognition technology to identify people. On June 5th, I questioned the government on its plan in using facial recognition technology which may become a serious threat to our privacy if it is not properly regulated. The government replied that no department is currently using, procuring or developing these systems but did not rule out the possibility in future. I will continue to pursue on this matter so that Hong Kong can balance the use of technology with privacy protection.

Transparency needed for AI blackbox

In May, there was a floor debate on privacy protection in the Legco. I tabled a motion amendment, calling on the government to make reference to the EU’s GDPR and reform the existing privacy law in Hong Kong. Users should have the right to refuse the use of their personal data in profiling by algorithms and in the automated decision-making process by AI technology. It was disappointing that the pro-establishment members abstained on my amendment and therefore it did not pass.

HK gov’t exploring Blockchain applications

One of my latest questions to the government was on the application of Blockchain technology. It was revealed that the OGCIO has commenced in late 2018 a pilot application of blockchain technology project to explore the applicability and benefits of adopting blockchain technology in government services. 4 departments will implement pilot projects on Blockchain technology and they are expected to be completed in end 2019 to 2020.

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