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2019.7.18 📹 Smart lampposts | 👀 Social credit system | 💳 Regulation on virtual assets | ❌ Right to vote and to be elected


智慧燈柱 Smart lampposts | 關注社會信用制度 Social credit system | 虛擬資產監管 Regulation on virtual assets | 反對確認書制度 Right to vote and to be elected


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🏻 請踴躍報名 Register for the event (Language in Cantonese)

🏻 請踴躍報名 Register for the event (Language in Cantonese)

🗣️ 議會工作



《廣東省大灣區三年行動計劃》—— 政府 6 大問題要解答

市民高度關注社會信用制度會否在港實施,雖然政制及內地事務局局長聶德權於網上澄清指社會信任體系絕對不會在香港實施,然而是否表示香港已被剔出《行動計劃》?《行動計劃》內提及有關香港方面的細節,政府將如何回應?我於7月9日去信當局,要求從速解答 6 大問題,回應市民關注。


✍️ 文章:社會信用侵犯人權 必須阻止


由 39 個主要經濟體組成的財務行動特別組織(FATF)六月發表針對虛擬資產的最新監管指引,並在同月的 G20 會議上獲各國財長與央行首長表態支持。香港作為 FATF的成員,有必要跟隨國際步伐,共同打擊金融罪行。我去信財經事務及庫務局局長要求交代政府為配合新國際指引的工作計劃。(閱讀全文




✍🏻 文章分享


社會信用侵犯人權 必須阻止







在資訊爆炸的年代,通訊群組總有人分享來歷不明的文章、新聞或影片,配上誇張標題和移花接木的內容。長輩不懂上網Fact Check,便容易誤以為真。怎樣求證和阻止假訊息蔓延?近年社交平台和討論區上不乏網軍身影,大量按讚、分享去推波助瀾,改變一般人的認知和看法。香港準備好對抗假訊息嗎?(閱讀全文

📽️ 影片分享


ITVision 的May、浩華及Rick 討論了最近熱門的 #社會信用系統,part 2 我們會講 #人臉辨析監控。A chat with members from the ITVision on social credit system.

🗣️ Council works


Privacy concerns of the smart lampposts

With around 50 smart lampposts installed in Kwun Tong and Kai Tak Development Area, the government has deployed the first phase of the Multi-functional Smart Lampposts pilot scheme. The rest of the 350 lamp posts will be installed in phases in three other districts. I have issued a letter to the government earlier to ask for more details over privacy precautions and cross-departmental data transfer under the pilot scheme. The government announced yesterday that due to privacy concerns, three functions of the smart lampposts will be on hold until more consultations with the public.


Say no to social credit system

Although the government issued a statement to clarify that the Chinese social credit system will not be implemented in Hong Kong, details on whether the government will work with the Guangdong authority on the province’s three-year action-plan are still uncertain. I have pursued the matter with the government on July 9th, demanding for more disclosure about any discussion with mainland authorities on the Greater Bay Area plan.

FATF issued new regulatory guidelines on virtual asset trading

In response to the increasing use of virtual assets for money laundering and terrorist financing, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) issued new international standards in June for the application of anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing requirements on virtual assets and virtual asset service providers. As a member of the FATF, Hong Kong should comply with the international standards and combat financial crimes. In my letter to the government on July 12th, I requested for the government’s policy plan in implementing the new international standards and regulatory changes.

Safeguarding the rights to vote and to be elected

The Electoral Affairs Commission has drawn huge public outcry in its latest proposal to change the guidelines of the District Council election, in which it seeks to implement the much criticised Confirmation Form practice. Voicing my strong opposition to the proposed changes, my submission to the Commission this month argued that the rights to vote and to be elected are guaranteed under the Basic Law and in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. Political screening to deter freedom of speech and expression, as well as the right to stand in elections, must be prohibited in Hong Kong.

✍🏻 Recent Articles


Social credit system: an erosion of human rights

Fears that Hong Kong will implement the social credit system have stirred up great concerns in the city. Bringing the vicious system here will push Hong Kong into an Orwellian state. In China, the system already extends its scope to cover all behaviors and even financial status of the citizens. We must remain vigilant in guarding our freedom and rights.


Automated facial recognition must be kept in check

More and more governments and companies are adopting facial recognition technology in their surveillance systems. Already our faces are captured at the airports, schools, concerts, roads and public housing in Hong Kong and China. How can we protect our personal privacy?


The war on fake news

There is an information explosion as messaging apps and social media platforms are used intensively in daily communication. It is not uncommon that we found people sharing news, videos and other information without credible sources. Lacking proper fact checking will skew public opinions and lead people into believing wrong information which the consequences are profound. Is Hong Kong ready to take on fake news, and how?

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