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2019.9.3 🚫 Oppose Emergency Regulation | 💻 Welfare of T-con staff | 👊 Against online disinformation | 🔎 Monitoring tech projects of the Police


反對《緊急法》 Oppose Emergency Regulation | T合約權益 Welfare of T-con staff | 打擊假新聞 Against online disinformation | 監察警務處科技項目 Monitoring tech projects of the Police


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🗣️ 議會工作



✍️ 專業議政聲明:強烈反對實施《緊急情况規例條例》,警告林鄭不要摧毀香港







警務處近年積極申請撥款提升其科技系統,包括於2017 年向創新及科技局供政府部門申請的『科技統籌(整體撥款)』,涉及三千六百萬元,2016 亦獲立法會財務委員會通過撥款近13億元進行更換『第四代指揮系統』。我最近去信保安局,要求政府提供警務處科技項目的合約詳情及相關的技術運用,協助全民監察。然而,至今仍未獲當局回覆。(閱讀全文)





✍🏻 文章分享


善用科技 重建信任



聚焦獨立調查 林鄭需回應市民訴求


文章一:內視反聽 大家齊上齊落

文章二:聚焦獨立調查 勿讓林鄭轉移視線

文章三:上善若水 展示智慧

文章四:特區政府 請講人話

🗣️ Council works


“Internet shutdown” will truly be the darkest day for Hong Kong IT

The Emergency Regulations Ordinance grants the Chief Executive the power to control telecommunications, including refusing access to the Internet and implementing network shutdown. Without free access to information and the Internet, Hong Kong will lose its shine and cease to attract new foreign investors. Freedom of information is Hong Kong’s cornerstone, without it the city will be reduced to the level of a third world city. In light of the ongoing political predicament, Carrie Lam is still refusing genuine talks, pushing Hong Kong further into serious rift. We must stand strong against such emergency regulation and network shutdown at all costs.


Safeguarding the welfare of T-con workers

It was brought to my attention that a T-contract agent has made calculation errors in devising the monthly packages of T-contract staff. I urged the OGCIO to look into the matter and subsequently, the staff was allowed more time to consider the new package and the agent also provided clarification. I also call on all T-contract staff and IT civil servants who have participated in any strike actions to inform me for follow-up if they face any kind of consequences or punishment.

More actions against online disinformation needed

Social media platforms Facebook and Twitter have earlier issued statements after internal investigations revealing state-backed operation by the Chinese government to smear the protest movement in Hong Kong and later followed by Youtube. I urged the social media operators to continue to monitor and take action against deliberate dissemination of disinformation, and also called on other social media and platform operators to also take actions against organised campaigns of disseminating disinformation and hate speech in a bid to manipulate public opinions. (Read more)

Monitoring tech projects undertaken by the Police

The Police has applied for billions of funding for new technology in recent years, including $36 millions (p.110) through the TechConnect programme in 2017, and in the prior year, $1.3 billions approved by the Legco for the upgrade of the Command and Control Communications System. I have written to the Security Bureau to request information about the tenders and the work progress of the projects. The government has not yet responded to my questions.

✍🏻 Recent Articles


Who needs the law, when the authority no longer follows it?

The Hong Kong protests against the extradition bill is continuing with no end in sight. Everyone in Hong Kong and around the world is asking, where do we go from here? Yet, no one seems to be able to suggest an answer. That is a dangerous sign, indicating that the whole situation appears to be drifting out of control. (Read full article)


Hong Kong needs a long-term strategy for sociopolitical justice and democracy

So, what’s next? It is clear that protesters are extremely determined. The call for change in the last three months has been expanded far beyond the original call for the complete withdrawal of the extradition bill. It is now also about the injustice that our government and those in authority have ignored for years — a fair society and a just political system, starting with autonomy, democracy, and universal suffrage. (Read full article)

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