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2020.1.22 警方解鎖被捕人士手機 📲 | 截取通訊須改革 📝 | 私隱條例新修訂 📜 | 爭取港台增撥資源 💰 | 自動駕駛發展 🚙


警方解鎖被捕人士手機 Police accessing mobile phone records  | 截取通訊須改革 Reforming communications interception law  | 私隱條例新修訂 New amendment proposals to the privacy law  | 爭取港台增撥資源 Urging for more resources for RTHK | 自動駕駛發展 Development of autonomous vehicles 


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2月16日 ——【I.T.人行山團『獅子山』】請大家踴躍報名




截取通訊監管制度落後 須立即改革






🗣️ 議會工作

2018-19 工作報告



據了解港台新聞部因報道反修例運動花費大增,超出年度預算約 500 萬元。同樣是為市民服務,港台卻不如其他政府部門或增撥資源。我以港台節目顧問團成員的身份,聯同另外二十多名成員聯署去信政府,要求為香港電台增加更多人手和設備。(閱讀全文






【🏻‍🏻‍IT界選民登記-個人票全攻略】更多資料 (包括各訂明機構網址、申請表格、入會要求):

Highlights: Urging for more privacy protection


Concerns over access to mobile phone records by the police

It was reported that the instant messaging records of an arrestee’s locked mobile phone were admitted as part of the evidence by the prosecution, but the person had never disclosed to the Police the password for unlocking his mobile phone since his arrest and he had not been informed of a search warrant before the court hearing. I raised a Council question urging the government to clarify the incident and called for the collection of electronic evidence by law enforcement agencies to be regulated. (Read more)


Hong Kong’s communications interception law failing to protect privacy

For years, the Interception of Communications and Surveillance Ordinance has not been reviewed. Currently the police is not regulated for requesting Internet Service Providers to disclose user data and warrant is not required for accessing the mobile phone records of the citizens. Hong Kong people may think their privacy of communication is protected under the constitution but existing regulation is in fact flawed and insufficient to protect.


Amendments to the privacy law must consult the public

It is disappointing that the government has only issued a series of insufficient amendment proposals to the privacy law. Under the new proposals, the Privacy Commissioner is still not provided with the rights to prosecute and the amendments have failed to address privacy concerns arising from new technology, such as biometric data and facial recognition.

🗣️ Council work


2018-19 Work report issued

Digital transformation for local SMEs, upskilling of our IT workforce and talent nurturing were my work focus last year and a number of my policy proposals were adopted and implemented. (Read full report)


Calling for more resources for RTHK

In a bid to cover the anti-extradition protests, it was reported that the news division of RTHK has exceeded their annual operation budget by HKD5 million. However, RTHK was not offered the same support by the government as compared to other departments. I joined with a group of RTHK Board of Advisors to issue a joint-statement to the government, calling for more support and resources to RTHK.

Regulation Sandbox might be used for Autonomous Vehicle testing

Existing legislation imposes stringent restrictions on the visual display unit in cars, resulting in car manufacturers having to disable some advanced features or even remove them from the cars. Replying to my Council question, it was revealed that the Transport Department has commenced a study to look into the necessary legislative amendments with a view to allowing trials of innovative technologies through a “regulatory sandbox” approach, and is working in collaboration with the automobile sector to jointly stipulate a regulatory model for autonomous vehicles. (Read more)

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