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2020.4.24 💻 關注學童停課不停學 | 🔎 最新跟進工作及質詢 | 💰 遙距營商計劃



關注學童停課不停學 | 最新跟進工作及質詢  | 遙距營商計劃


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生產力局初步公佈D-Biz 15個資訊科技方案範圍,每個科技應用方案連同培訓開支的資助額最多10萬元,每間公司可獲最多30萬元總額資助。





【2020-21財政預算案】 莫乃光提出書面問題與政府答覆

 ç«‹æ³•æœƒè³ªè©¢ï¼šæ–°åž‹å† ç‹€ç—…毒疫情對香港的影響





✍️ æ–‡ç« åˆ†äº«

不畏風雨 守護香港戰鬥到底








The D-Biz programme covers 15 IT solutions, each company can receive up to $300,000 subsidies. Click to register the online seminar by Hong Kong Productivity Council on the scheme.

Latest work


Supporting students to undertake studies at home

For years, the support to students from underprivileged families to undertake e-learning at home has been inadequate. Many students are still deprived of the necessary equipments and broadband services. Following a press conference with the Alliance for Children Development Rights in March where we called for more resources to needy families, I have recently issued a policy proposal to the Education Bureau and pursued the issue at the Council. (Read more)

Latest follow-ups

 Council Question : Impacts of novel coronavirus epidemic on Hong Kong

 Council Question : Images or videos captured by Government CCTV systems

 Written questions to the Budget and the government replies

 Letter to the Innovation and Technology Commission: Concerns over R&D subsidies (Chinese version only)

 Letter to the Customs: Issues concerning the Dutiable Commodities System (Chinese version only)

✍️ Articles

Fighting the good fight

While the coronavirus curve in Hong Kong seems to be flattening, the latest political storm is wreaking unprecedented havoc to the city. The two central government offices in Hong Kong have recently embarked on a series of attacks on the pan-democratic camp, and in particular Dennis Kwok. It is clear that Hong Kong is  entering into a dark period.

US to exclude Hong Kong sections of Pacific Light Cable Network

The latest exclusion of Hong Kong from the PLNC continues a worrying trend as more international projects and investment are shutting out Hong Kong. The damage is done and the impact to Hong Kong as the Internet and telecommunication hub in Asia will be severe if the government fails to restore the faith and confidence of foreign investors and companies in our rule of law, judicial independence and high degree of autonomy.

Privacy protection needed in crisis time

We often face a dilemma in times of health crisis — should we give up our privacy protection in order to fight the epidemic? We should be reminded that human rights safeguards must be enforced at all times and at all costs. Facing more surveillance from governments during the pandemic, proper balance and more monitoring over government actions will be needed.

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莫乃光立法會議員(資訊科技界) 辦事處 
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​Office of the Hon Charles Mok, Legislative Councillor (IT)
Address: Room 917, Legislative Council Complex, 1 Legislative Council Road,
Central, Hong Kong
Phone: (852) 2352 3129

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Office Of Hon. Charles Mok, Legislative Councillor (IT)