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5G restricted zones | Response to 5G public consultation | Public access to government information & archives | Regulation on home-stay lodging | Labour protection for gig economy


關注 5G 禁飛區 | 回應5G 頻譜諮詢 | 市民索取政府資料 | 歷史檔案成本問題 | 民宿及短期住宿的規管 | 彈性工作人士的保障 | 5G restricted zones | Response to 5G public consultation | Public access to government information & archives | Regulation on home-stay lodging | Labour protection for gig economy

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關注新界地區劃5G 禁飛區



回應5G 頻譜公眾諮詢之意見書

通訊事務管理局早前就關於指配3.4 – 3.6吉赫頻帶頻譜用作提供公共流動服務和相關頻譜使用費的安排諮詢公眾,我提交意見書,對香港5G發展緩慢、限制區設立影響嚴重等問題表達關注。(閱讀全文















初創企業開戶難 銀行須加強協助






走在公義路上 羅拔甘迺迪離世50週年








20.6.2018 發言質問政府推「科技專才輸入計劃」前無認真研究人才需求 Questioning on the talent demand forecast before implementing talent import policy

15.6.2018 發言要求公共運輸公司開放數據 Demanding the public transportation companies to open their data

🗣️Council works


Concerns over 5G restricted zones in New Territories and Stanley

According to the government, two huge restricted zones without 3.5 GHz 5G services at initial launch will exist in Tai Po, Ma On Shan and parts of Fanling, Shatin, Sai Kung as well as Stanley on Hong Kong Island, posing uncertainty as whether residents in the regions can enjoy 5G services in the future. I immediately questioned the government for details and the impact to residents in the regions. (Read in full)

Submission on 5G consultation

Communications Authority has earlier issued a consultation paper on the arrangements for assigning the spectrum in the 3.4 to 3.6 GHz band for the provision of 5G services in the future. I have put forward a submission, in which I voiced my concerns on the much-delayed 5G spectrum allocation in Hong Kong, resulting in the ‘5G twilight zone’ in the New Territories and Hong Kong Island.

Access to government information must not be denied

I have been receiving cases that applications made to the government offices for access of information were rejected without proper reasons. I demanded the government to provide details of rejected cases and information showed that the rejection rates of some government units were as high as 30 to 40%. (Read in full)


Barrier for access to archival records must be lowered

In the past, citizens can use their own devices and take photographs of the archival records stored by the Public Records Office. However, I was informed that the government has tightened the practice and making the cost of obtaining copies of the archival records higher. I demanded the government to explain such policy. (Read in full)

Urging for proper regulation on home-stay lodging

The government is currently amending the Hotel and Guesthouse Accommodation Ordinance to combat unlicensed guesthouses. However, it will also strangle the room for survival of short-term shared accommodation, a new business model that is thriving in many other countries. I urged the government to study the practices in other jurisdictions and issue proper regulation to legalise home-stay lodging and facilitate the development of sharing economy. (Read in full)

More labour protection for people engaging in the gig economy

More and more people are freelancing and taking up jobs online. They are often referred as “slash workers”. Governments in other countries and cities are looking into ways to protect this new kind of workforce and I question if the Hong Kong government will also deploy similar efforts to protect their welfare. However, the reply from the government is disappointing with little to no action to tackle the emerging needs in the society. (Read in full)



Challenges for startups to open bank accounts must be tackled

Many startups share the same concern on bank account opening as many of their applications were rejected by banks many times. If we fail to facilitate the bank account opening for entrepreneurs and investors, I do not see how we can shape Hong Kong into an innovation hub and attract foreign talents and capital to the city.


Letter to HK: a failing 5G policy

Hong Kong was among the first in the world to provide 3G and 4G services. But now we are losing the race in 5G. (Read in full)

Long road to justice: 50th anniversary of the death of Robert F. Kennedy

If RFK survived the assassination, perhaps we would see a different result of the 1968 presidential election. Would the world be gentler if he survived? We can only be certain that the justice, equality, fairness, and peace pursued by RFK are still the ideals we are fighting for today.

Being a puppet should not be the role of the Legco President

Legco has the role to monitor the government, to let the voices of the people heard. It is not a place where the Legco President can abuse his power and obstruct the Legco’s effort to ensure checks and balances between the legislative and executive branches.

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