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Condemn Massive Cyber Attacks; Vote on 22 June


Over the past few days, the e-voting platform developed by HKU POP for 6.22 Civil Referendum were under severe DDoS attack of an unprecedented scale. I know that a group of network and infosec experts are working diligently to counter the attacks. Since late May, DDoS attacks hit HKU servers and HKIRC which administers…

Keep Going: From June Fourth to Constitutional Reform


A record crowd of 180,000 showed up at the candlelight vigil commemorating the 25th anniversary of the June 4th massacre. Our people have not forgotten about this tragic part of our country’s history, and with collective actions we stand up for truth and justice, against those who want to whitewash the blood-stained hi…

Innovation and Technology Bureau Finally? And, Invitation to I.Tea Meetup


The government has just submitted a paper on the establishment of the Innovation and Technology Bureauto LegCo. The reshuffle involves 8 existing posts C&T Branch of the CEDB, Innovation and Technology Commission and the OGCIO, and 26 new posts. The total staff cost will be $32 million in the first year….

Discuss Constitutional Development in ICT Sector Forum


The opinion survey on Constitutional Development for ICT sector has just come to an end last week, with over 300 responses from the sector. My team is now analysing the responses and will release the findings online in the coming weeks. I would like to thank everyone who have contributed their time and valuable comment…

7 Days Left! Speak Up Now for Free and Fair Elections


Having a vote does not guarantee having real choice or influence. You might have noticed the central government has shown a sterner stance on constitutional reform lately. As the facade of ‘listening’ eventually fades, the consultation exercise appears to be merely a mirage. At this critical moment, I once again call o…

Office Of Hon. Charles Mok, Legislative Councillor (IT)