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From HKTV to Digital 21 and Copyright consultations


As expected, my proposed motion to apply the Legco (Powers and Privileges) Ordinance to obtain the documents related to the free domestic television programme licensing was negatived last week, despite the tens of thousands of citizens and staff of HKTV voicing their support. Yet, the tremendous support I received was…

TV License Fiasco: All We Want is Justice


The controversies over free-to-air TV licences continue to brew. Despite attempted ‘explanation’ by the CE, Exco members and the Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development (SCED), all they achieved was no more than making the problem clear: that the adminisration, without due consultaion, has deviated from its own…

Selective TV licensing: And we can’t even ask why?


The government has failed the Hong Kong people again. The Executive Council decided to approve in principle new domestic free TV licenses to Fantastic TV (under Cable TV) and HK Television Entertainment (under PCCW), but not Mr Ricky Wong’s Hong Kong Television Network (HKTVN). After that, HKTVN announced the layoff of…

Discussion on Parody Exemption Held; Seeking Your Views on Mobile Apps Privacy


In mid-September, I held a discussion forum on derivative works and exemption for parody in PolyU, with speakers from the government, academia, copyright industry and netizen groups. We agree on the need to stop blatant copyright infringing acts but many hold different views on the definition of derivative works and pa…

Learn from South Korean ICT policy ; Protecting creativity by Parody Exemption


Last week, I visited South Korea and met with local government officials for IT development, and participated in the fourth Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum (APrIGF).
As we all know, South Korea is already one of the ICT giants in the world. Promoting a positive image for ICT is also an area that a lot…

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