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《創科局: 重新出發 全民監察》記者招待會 (2015.11.09) (Chinese Version Only)


11月9日, 我跟8位業界人士就成立創科局舉辦記者招待會, 就扶助創新、培育人才、採購政策及資訊保安等方面提出建議, 並敦促政府盡快向社會交代他們的發展計劃、藍圖和時間表。


1. 莫乃光議員 立法會(資訊科技界)
2. 吳永輝先生 公共專業聯盟主席
3. 方保僑先生 IT 呼聲
4. 楊和生先生 IT 呼聲
5. 鄧永安先生 IT 呼聲
6. 邱祖淇博士 IT 呼聲
7. 吳其彥教授 IT 呼聲
8. 林逸明先生 IT 呼聲
9. 范健文先生 業界人士

IT sector lawmaker Charles Mok held a press conference with several representatives from the IT industry after the funding to the Innovation and technology Bureau was passed in LegCo on November 6. “This is a first step,” Mok said and called for the release of a blueprint within the coming six months. He also urged the bureau to consult thoroughly with the sector and will arrange meetings between the new ITB head and the industry players.

Also speaking at the conference were members from IT Voice. Francis Fong, member of the organisation and currently the Chairman of Hong Kong Association of Interactive Marketing, urged the Advisory Committee on Innovation and Technology to expand its membership to include more representatives from the IT industry.

Another member of IT Voice, Ken Lam, mentioned the challenges in recruiting IT talents in Hong Kong as the city faces fierce competition from Silicon Valley. Mr Lam also cited the police action on Uber this year might deter young people from working in tech startups.

Office Of Hon. Charles Mok, Legislative Councillor (IT)